BlueWhale started life as a recording studio in 2001.  It was during this time that we first delivered Music Technology and Recording workshops.  It was from these early foundations that we realised the importance music had on wellbeing and what an incredible tool it could be for connecting with young people and breaking down barriers.  It was on this ethos that BlueWhale Training was born.

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Although we've expanded to deliver associated forms of digital media we still values our core beliefs in regards to music as a tool for holistic education.  All students on our programmes are given access to our recording studio and actively encouraged to present positive messages with their song and lyric writing.  Providing a hands on experience where students can freely express themselves can be a therapeutic experience.  Our vocational programmes enable our students to use industry standard equipment during their learning, developing their skills in a real world environment and aiding post 16 progression.

When not being used as a teaching resource, the studio is used by a range of local musicians from a variety of genres.