Beyond The Label

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Bringing together practitioners within the arts, mental health, youth offending and education sectors to explore how we can better support our young people by working together in a more collaborative and cohesive way.

On Thursday 20th September Blue Whale Training produced and hosted a unique event in The Midlands entitled Beyond The Label. This symposium was the first of it’s kind to bring together Local Authorities, Mental Health Care Trusts, West Midlands Police, creative organisations, schools and further education providers to discuss and share skills and knowledge and to provide positive interventions to tackle the challenges faced by young people in todays society .

Chaired by Julie Simpson - Director - BlueWhale Training guest speakers included

  • Ashley Bertie - Assistant Police and Crime Commissioner - West Midlands Police

  • Caroline Swift - Principal - Values Academy

  • David Perkins - Director - AS Mentoring

  • Corrine Keating - Senior Occupational Therapist - BSMHFT

Thank you to the speakers, the delegates who attended and to The Big Lottery fund for making the event possible. We've received a great deal of positive feedback from the event and an 'in principle' agreement to develop partnerships further was agreed as we to continue to find ways to support young people.

Further partnership opportunities will be available via our 'Flourishing Together ‘ seminars - see projects page for further information.

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